Monday, April 03, 2006

Coffee jitters

In a rather bizarre development, I'm finding myself increasingly unable to drink coffee! Caffeine's never had a noticeable effect on me before, but for the last few weeks every time I have a coffee it's as if I can actually feel the caffeine in my veins. This morning I felt distinctly unwell after having a cappuccino, although they might have something to do with the woeful quality of the coffee served at Calypso's.

It's particularly weird because I don't drink coffee that regularly at all - maybe 3 or 4 times a week when I'm at uni. So why has it started now? At least I'm (still) fine when I drink tea, but I'd really rather prefer not to give up coffee altogether!


The Scientist said...

3-4 times a week is still kind of regular!!

I'm still sitting on the 1-2 a month (unless there's a lot of going out).

However gelatissimo I would consider regular with at least 1 cup a week!

Maybe you just put too much sugar in the coffee? I've seen the way you Australians make Milo... enough sugar to kill a small ethiopian village from over-energising! They could explode!!


Mads said...

I don't think 3 times a week is all that much... at least it's not 3 times a day! I drink a lot more when I'm home in Tasmania, simply because my dad has a very complicated and cool machine that makes beautiful coffee.

But I am trying to go without for a week - so far it's been three days, and it's going pretty well!