Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 in cities

Jason Kottke's posted his, so I thought I should do mine too, just like last year. So here's my 2006 in cities:

Launceston, Tasmania*
Bicheno, Tasmania
Canberra, ACT*
Young, NSW
Berrima, NSW
Jervis Bay, NSW
Eden, NSW
Lake's Entrance, Victoria
Piper's River, Tasmania
Melbourne, Victoria*

One less city than the previous year. There are some random NSW towns in there - the night in Young was for work, and the other ones are from the uber road trip in June. I flew a lot less than last year: only 15 separate flights, compared to 25 in 2005. I guess a trip to New Zealand really bumps up the figures a bit! I also didn't go home as much, so I guess that changed the numbers a bit as well.


Living in Canberra said...

Interesting idea. I did: Lakes Entrance, Vic; Sydney, NSW*; Ballarat, Vic; Bendigo, Vic; Canberra, ACT*; New York City, USA; Danbury, Connecticut, USA; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea.

Mads said...

I think you're list is a little more impressive than mine! :) I'm insanely jealous of anyone who got to go to Tokyo AND New York in one year...