Thursday, January 04, 2007

A moderate amount of complaining

Oi. I'm kinda over being home; it's nice to begin with, being looked after and cooked for, and just watching tv for hours on end. But I'm used to living on my own now, and so after a week or so the entire exercise becomes one of endurance more than anything else. And let's just say my family's been having some 'issues' lately and leave it at that. All in all, I'll be glad to be back in Canberra on Sunday, even if I'm all alone because my housemate is stuck in Queensland with the dreaded pox!

(As an aside, I'd just like to publicly apologise if it was my case of shingles that gave you chickenpox, Nat - I swear it was an accident!)

But anyway, enough complaining. We went to Melbourne last week to go to the cricket, which was great, even though it was officially the most boring day of play in the entire test series (day two of the Boxing Day test). Also did some shopping and picked up some bargains, although the day was somewhat marred by my stupid neck being stupid again.

Damnit, I said enough complaining! How about some links instead:

'Oronte Churm', who writes Dispatches from an Adjunct Faculty over at McSweeney's, now has his own blog at Inside Higher Ed, The Education of Oronte Churm. It's great that you can now read his stuff on a slightly more regular basis!

A McSweeney's List: Poorly named game shows of the Middle Ages. "Family Feudalism".

Sex ID is a set of tests from the BBC that will tell you what sex your brain is. It would appear that my brain is actually more male than female; I think that's because I scored well on the spatial awareness sections, particularly when compared to the average female score.

Lifehacker's got a fantastic post about how to switch from Windows to a Mac, including how to deal with common problems with switching over with keyboard shortcuts. I doubt that I'll ever actually buy a Mac, but I do have to use them occasionally at uni, and the bizarre behaviour of the backspace and delete keys drives me crazy. But now I understand!

Wes Anderson (of The Life Aquatic fame) directed an American Express ad! The Martin Scorsese one is pretty funny, and the M. Night Shyamalan one is just plain weird. Unsurprisingly.

This is quite old, but this story about someone poking their elbow through a $40 million Picasso had me wincing for days.

And finally, I'm still addicted to Word Shoot. Can't. Stop. Playing.

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