Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The big 5-0-0!

Happy 500th post! A couple of weeks ago I asked for suggestions on what I should do to commemorate such a momentous occasion, and from the incredibly huge response, it seemed that what the people wanted most of all (and by people I mean Chris and James) was a ‘trip down Bloggy lane’. So in order to keep my dear readers happy, I’ve taken a trawl through the archives and come up with a bit of a list of those things that haven’t changed, those that have, and those that I just can’t believe I wrote.

Things that have not changed since I started this thing 500 posts ago:
I'm still having trouble with my teeth. I still like to do memes, but still have issues with doing them on the assigned day. Allison Janney still rocks my world (more evidence here). Opposition to same-sex marriage can still be guaranteed to generate a long and angry rant – see evidence here, here, and here. A little piece of me still dies every time I have to do an IT assignment (further evidence here, and here...). My back still gives me the shits sometimes (times like this and this). My love for Princess Mary is true and everlasting (you can read about when I met them here). The blogger spellchecker is still crap. My 'global digerati' backpack is still going strong. ANU film group is still the best thing since sliced bread. Neil Finn singing ‘Sexual Feeling’ will always, always be wrong. People who answer their mobile phones in libraries should still be summarily executed (I also have a rant here; see also rants against people who write in library books here and here). Joss Whedon is still a genius. Buying shoes remains a cause for celebration. Group work continues to suck balls. The mature age student who brought along her baby to a tute last year, brought the toddler along this year.

Things that have changed:
Now that every man and his dog has a gmail account, the invites I had back in the day are not worth quite as much. Apparently back in first year, Sandro possessed an 'overwhelming Catholicismness'. Yeah, I don't know what that was about. I used to be really obsessed with Alias (just have a read of this or this). And then it got crap. Flickr is rather more important to my life than it was a couple of years ago. I've moved on from ABC local radio to ABC news radio. The IR Society has come to dominate a bit more of my life than just winning the odd trivia night. I'm now capable of buying a pair of tights all on my own. I was kinda wrong with my James Bond predictions. I go to class more often these days. I hope I don’t whine as much. The female kitten we got? Turned out to be a male.

Things I can't believe after reading the archives:
That my first visit to Essen was halfway through first year! I can’t find a mention of the first Milk & Honey experience, but it was certainly quite a while after that (maybe second year?). I got 5 out of 5 on a programming test?!? I hurt myself when I ran into a tree? Ok, who am I kidding, of course I can believe that one.

I really do enjoy doing this thing, even if very few people ever actually read it. So here’s to the next 500 posts – let’s hope they’re of a slightly higher quality than the first lot!


The Scientist said...


nice to read some of the random crap/rants you have written over the last few years...

particularly liked the gmail post, and the kittens :-)

...but porno guy in McDonalds?! that's disturbing me and i've only read about it!! crazy crazy Canberrans!

spy said...

I loved porno guy in the Maccas! It brought a touch of, what's the word, class to the morning!

And my "overwhelming Catholicismness"? That's just odd. I suppose I am more Catholic than you!

Mads said...

Ahh, Macca's porno guy. Those were the days...

And I guess on a relative scale, you are overwhelmingly Catholic, Sandro, when compared to the heathen that is me.